Service Projects

Be Brave And Shine Lily Mclaughlin Miss Kentucky High School 2019 Winner Champ 11Once upon a Christmas VI

For the past four year I have been performing in the once upon a Christmas play, so it was so amazing to be asked back as the master of ceremonies! Out of all four years, this year was the most special! I had the opportunity to talk about ''Be B.R.A.V.E. and SHINE on'' and the Miss High School America Pageant! I am so excited to perform again next year, which will mark my sixth year in the play!

Be Brave And Shine Lily Mclaughlin Miss Kentucky High School 2019 Winner Champ 15Wreaths across America

Wreaths across America is a day devoted to remembering those who have served our country, and honor them. My sister queens and I were not volunteering at the same event, but we all helped out in our own communities! During the Wreaths Across America ceremony, we all were given the opportunity to lay wreaths on the graves of fallen soldiers, on the graves of people who gave the ultimate sacrifice to our country. On that day we honored their dedication, bravery, and strength, and it is something I will never forget.

home 05Christmas on the Hill

Every year my school gives children who are less fortunate a Christmas they can remember! It is called ''Christmas on the Hill'' and it is so magical! This year I was able to help by buying presents, wrapping them, and passing them out to a special family! I look forward to this event every holiday season, and it is something that has forever changed me!

Be Brave And Shine Lily Mclaughlin Christ TableChrists Table

This year was a record breaking one in my small town! Living in the Midwest, the weather can get pretty cold, but this year wins the prize for coldest year ever! Since the food pantries were working overtime to make sure every person had enough to eat and a place to stay, I decided to see what I could do to help. I am not the best chef, so I figured meals would not be something I could volunteer to help in, but I am an avid baker! I started a service project that allowed me to bring baked good in for those who needed them! I spent all of my Sundays for a few months baking breads, cookies, brownies, and other baked goods, just to donate to my local food pantry! I plan to continue this service project every year from November to February, bringing baked good in every Monday!

Be Brave And Shine Lily Mclaughlin Marian HeartMarian’s Heart

One cold winter day my sister queen Tayan and I were together working on nationals prep, and we decided to make blankets to donate to a local blanket drive! It was so much fun making these blankets with her, and being able to donate them to children who need them makes it even better! Marian’s Heart is a blanket drive that passes out handmade blankets to children staying in children’s hospitals in Louisville!

Be Brave And Shine Lily Mclaughlin Valenines Day CardsValentine’s Day cards!

Tayan’s little brother, Bracken is seriously the sweetest soul ever! He is so cute and so smart, so we wanted to do something nice for his class! One afternoon we sat down and made a bunch of valentine’s cards for his class, they each had inspirational quotes! Little kids need to be encouraged and to be told how amazing they are, and it was nice to do just that with my new little sis Tayan!

Be Brave And Shine Lily Mclaughlin Night To Shine PromNight to Shine Prom

One Church hosted a Night to Shine prom for special needs, and I had the opportunity to volunteer at it! I started my night on the red carpet as part of the ''cheer squad'' and ended it on the dance floor! The red carpet was so much fun because I had the opportunity to cheer on all of the prom queens and kings as they entered, but the dance floor was my favorite! I was standing around the outside of the circle when Eric came and asked me to dance (he is the handsome man pictured), and I had the most amazing time spinning around the dance floor with him! Of all of the appearances and service projects I have done, this one is my favorite. The energy, the love, and the excitement of this night was beyond compare, and I am so glad that I was able to be a part of it!

Be Brave And Shine Lily Mclaughlin Fight For A ClimbFight for Air Climb

The Fight For Air Climb is a benefit for lung cancer, and works to raise awareness for this deadly condition. One in sixteen people will be diagnosed with lung cancer within their lifetime, and with a statistic this large lung cancer should be studied with the best and newest technology available! I am so proud to say that my team raised over $2000 for this amazing cause! I volunteered to be part of the welcome group, which means that I got to congratulate the people that made it up the run and celebrate by giving them a medal! After volunteering, my group was called for our run time, and I got ready to run up 42 stories! I made it up, sash and all! It was so much fun to challenge myself and raise awareness for lung cancer!

Be Brave And Shine Lily Mclaughlin Kingston Birthday BashKingston’s Birthday Bash

One of the sponsors for Miss High School America is Henri’s Cloud Nine, so when I had the opportunity to help them out I obviously took it! They do so much for us #henrisgirls so it was nice to give back! Kingston is the mascot of Henri’s and when his birthday came around the staff ran a drive for a local animal shelter! I collected toys, food, and treats for the drive, and all of the materials collected were donated to the CHA animal shelter! For a little dog Kingston is doing some pretty big things!

Be Brave And Shine Lily Mclaughlin Princess PartyPrincess Party

Growing up, I dreamed of becoming a princess. So being able to help that dream come true for a bunch of little princesses was so magical! I spent my day at Movement on Main’s annual princess party helping at the crown booth! I was able to talk to so many little princess about B.R.A.V.E and all things princess! It was so much fun!

Be Brave And Shine Lily Mclaughlin Walking DogsWalking Dogs

Very recently I adopted two dogs, so I have a new understanding for how much excersize dogs need! I volunteered to walk the dogs at my localanimal shelter, and had to much fun! I got a group together and we spent all afternoon walking the puppies! I think that this is so important because 67% of people only go outside when they are on the way to their car, so together we can make a difference by choosing to go outside! A great way to get out side is my volunteering at your local animal shelter!