Inspirational Wall

While guest speakers were talking, and the girls were doing crafts, I had them write down one phrase that makes them feel confident, or one phrase they live by.

By the end of the night we had close to 200 sticky notes! When the event was close to over, I invited all of the girls to come and take a picture in front of this makeshift “Photo booth”! Each girl got a copy of their picture, and was able to make a little picture frame to take it home in, but the coolest part was how each girl got to grab one of the inspirational sayings from the photo booth to take home! The one rule was that they were not allowed to grab the one they put up on the wall! It was so amazing to see how excited each girl was to get her picture taken, and then pick out a quote to live by.

This craft/photo booth is so easy to make, and its purpose in incredible! To make it I made a wooden stand to hold the paper upright, but you can hang it up on a wall as well! In order for this to work you need a group of people, markers, and sticky notes! That is how simple this activity actually is! One final note is to dress it up! I used big flowers on the top to decorate it, but you can use whatever you like!

Upbeat Video

If you are looking for an upbeat video to show to your class or group, I highly recommend this one! I promise that this video will not disappoint! I played this at my last self-esteem night, and everyone loved it! It was such a hit!


Shine Bracelets

Reminding yourself how amazing you are is easier when you have a reminder of how you shine.

Each letter in Shine stands for something different, and is an essential reminder to haw amazing you are!

S-know you are special
H-embrace your hopes and dreams
I-imagine your future
N-never give up
E-express yourself in all aspects of your life

Vision Boards

Recognizing your dreams is important, but actually doing something more with them is crucial to attaining them!

A Vision board will allow you to see the steps you need to lay out to walk into the future you want. The great thing about vision boards is how unique they can be, they are totally designed based on what you want! One of my favorite ways to create a vision board is by cutting out small pieces of paper and writing one thing I want to attain on it, and after I make around 20 of these, I would organize them onto a canvas! My family has made vision boards together for as long as I can remember, and being able to sit together on the first day of the year and layout the dreams we want to achieve by the end of the year is truly magical!